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Lots of new music coming in the next few months on Black Swan Recordings including music from new artists SOELFLORIAN GASPERINIJonnie DarkoStephan Esse, Dani Sbert, Alessandro Grops and more. Until then, here’s an alternate download of Doppler Shift // #techno
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Check out Black Swan Recordings artist Natalino Nunes podcast forTransmit Recordings. There’s some unreleased Uproar //
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Released today on Beatport // 

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Collaborations coming in the future, but please check out this interesting software combining gesture recognition and music production // 

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Next up on Black Swan Recordings, a three track EP by ENTER. resident including my interpretation of Blacked, The Grays, and Wasted //
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Released today on Black Swan Recordings // 

A sample is a small part of the whole, chosen because it exemplifies an entire package. In the Tetrad series, we have selected four tracks from very different artists that represent a cohesive vision. In the sixth addition, we introduce new talents Soel Sadiki and Oozeundat to the label with strong groovy cuts. After a fantastic release on Aurora Music played consistently by Richie Hawtin and other world class DJs, Nuno Lisboa makes his debut with the twisted Integral. Becoming a member of the Enter events in Ibiza, Fabio Frd gives a taste of what is to come on his next EP later this month.

Abbreviated feedback // 

Arjun Vagale - Top release! Dope tracks from Oozeundat, Fabio, and Nuno.

Miro Pajic - Nice E.P.

Alex Costa - Waste No Time and Aborigin for me!

Boris - Cool, will try. 

Daniel Derek - Aborigin is my fav!

Mr. Bizz - Fabio Florido for us!

Tomika - Really good tracks. Aborigin is my favorite. 

Anthony Pappa - Cool tracks and I will support it. 

Horatio - Cool EP. Lovely stuff from Fabio.

Andrew Grant - Wasted is killer. 

Joran van Pol - I always love the Tetrad series, because it brings together such talented producers. Favorites on this one are Integral and Wasted!

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Black Swan Radio began as platform to share quality music with the world, and it is still just that. In 2013, the show reached a milestone with over 17,000 downloads for a single episode. In August, the show returns revamped and with new stations to be added. Check out Dave Martin’s Zero Episode to warmup //

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An interpretation of Fabio’s The Grays, Wasted, and Blacked to be released on August 2014 on Black Swan Recordings.

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Great to see their reunion and you can now download the full *Deep DishEssential Mix including my tune Gork from their Soundcloud //

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Off my upcoming EP on SCI+TEC Digital Audio, Gork doing its thumping at Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) //
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